Hawk falcon baths large

Large Bath

Falcon Baths

We stock baths specially designed for birds of prey. These baths are an important part of your falconry equipment – a must have. Birds need to bath for health and hygiene. By adding a drop of F10 to the water you can help to clean a bird safely and it also reduces algal build up in summer months for a bath in a moulting or breeding pen.

Baths Features

  • A textured base to stop your bird slipping and thus gives a feeling of security.
  • A notch in the edge to allow easy emptying of the water.
  • 3 different sizes for different species of birds.

Small is approx. 530mm (20 7/8″) diameter & 65mm (2 1/2″) deep. Ideal for small birds like Kestrels, Little Owls etc.
Medium is approx. 680mm (26 1/4″) diameter & 90mm (3 1/2″) deep. Perfect for small falcons, Barn Owls etc.
Large is approx. 780mm (30 3/4″) diameter & 100mm (4″) deep. great for larger hawks and falcons like Harris’, Red Tails, Gos etc.

Golden Eagle in a Bath

Golden Eagle in a Bath

We can also supply an Eagle Bath which has a built in ‘plug’ for emptying. Please be aware that this item is order only and there may be a delay in getting this item in stock.


Small £33.00 
Medium £35.00

Large £38.00
Eagle £135.00

Due to their size, Baths are collection only.
We may be able to send by courier, please contact us for a quote.


Prices are correct as of 17 June 2017.
Prices may change without prior notice, though we always endeavour to get the best possible prices.
Although these items are not heavy, they are bulky and the cost to transport by courier reflects this fact. We will post these out if required at your risk within the UK only.
This does not affect your statutory rights.