Falconry Bags

New Line
Is it a Bag or a Vest?

Revolutionary Falconry Bags!
This is a really useful idea. Its a bag with an added belt which helps to keep it in place while running after you bird, hurdling fences and leaping across ranging streams!
One size and adjustable. £30.00 pictures to follow.

Green Cordura Falconry Bag

Cordura Falconry Bag

Cordura Falconry Bag

These bags are made of green cordura and they also feature 3 pockets on each side. One with a removable meat pouch, made from an easy clean fabric. There is a large zip on the side which gives access the large game pouch.
Eyelet holes for jesses.
Adjustable and removable strap.


Child’s Size Falconry Bag

Parent & Child Falconry Bags

2 Sizes of Falconry Bags

The same style as above but smaller, also made from green cordura. They have the adjustable strap and all the same features.
These can be used by adults for displays when a large bag is not required.


Replacement Meat Pouch

Its always handy to have a spare.

Meat Pouch Falconry Bags, Vests or Waistcoats

Replacement Meat Pouch

How many times have you picked up your vest to find a forgotten bit of meat?
Or even worse, how often have you gone to your game bag at the start of the season and only then remembered that it needed cleaned?
While that pouch is being washed, you need a spare! Made of green with press studs to secure.

Or, for those that fly more than one bird why not have one for each bird? Then you know how much each has had to eat.

Please note that these are designed to fit the vest style waistcoats.



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