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Larry Counce’s Bells



For over 20 years Larry Counce has been producing a light weight bell while maintaining good tonal quality. Using only the finest metal alloys, 56-65% silver solder depending on the metals joined. The bell design is an equator reinforced butt joint, and are made of beryllium copper, this metal has a great tone – it’s lighter than aluminium and stronger than steel. Made in America.

Sizing – low numbers are bigger than high numbers, in other words size 11 are small and size 3 are big.


These are loud.

We stock 9 sizes all £22.00 a pair.

(Overseas contact us for shipping).

Size 3 – larger hawks. Copper Alloy.

Size 4 – large hawks. Copper Alloy.

Size 4 – large hawks. Nickle Silver.

Size 5 – medium hawks, falcons. Copper Alloy.

Size 6 – Male Harris’, falcon. Copper Alloy.

Size 6 – Male Harris’, falcon. Nickle Silver.

Size 7 – Male falcon. Copper Alloy.

Size 8 – Male falcon. Copper Alloy.

Size 8 – Male falcon. Nickle Silver.

Size 9 – Small Hawks. Copper Alloy.

Size 10 – Sparrow Hawks, small falcons. Copper Alloy.

Size 11 – Sparrow hawks, small falcons. Copper Alloy

counce-tail-bellNew Line Counce Tail Bells

These are single bells that are designed to crimp on to the tail. Larry recommends using a dab of glue to secure these which can be dissolved from the feather once the bird has moulted. This means that you can re-use this bell year after year.
We have 2 sizes available in copper alloy. £12.00

Large Tail Bell – Female Falcon, Goshawk, Red Tail- same size as size 5 bell above 

Small Tail Bell – Male Falcon, Goshawk, Harris’ Hawk – same size as size 7 bell above

Imported Bells

These are a good, light weight budget bell, often called Lahore. They are sold in pairs and are available in three sizes. Price includes UK postage, for overseas shipping, please contact us.

Lahore Bells

Lahore Bells

Small Lahore £5.00

Medium Lahore £5.00

Large Lahore £5.00


Acorn Style

This range has two different metals giving a deeper tone. They offer a good value mid range bell and are available in 3 sizes. Price includes UK postage, for overseas please contact us.

Acorn Style Bells

Acorn Style Bells

Small Acorn Style £8.50

Medium Acorn Style £8.50

Large Acorn Style £8.50


If you have any questions about which bell to pick or which size to buy, please contact us or call George on 07 967 181405 or 01899 308641