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Hand made British Lure

British Made Lure

British Made Lures

We now stock British made lures in 2 sizes. The smaller is light weight and ideal for small birds or attaching to a drone. Both are made of green suede have an ‘open’ area for the meat so it is visible no matter which way it lands. There are holes punched at either side if you want to attach feathers, and are weighted for easy ‘swinging’.

Dimensions are approximate.
weight 1.1 oz or 30g. Length 5″ or 13cm £10.50

British Made Falconry Lure

British Lure Small

Large weight 4 oz or 120g. Length 8 1/2″ or 21 cm.  £14.00


Braided 2mm cord.

Sizes are approximate. Replace your old creance line.

200lb breaking strain.

2mm creance line

2mm creance line

£1.79 for 10m inc. P&P UK only  (overseas contact us for a quote)

£3.79 for 25m inc. P&P UK only (overseas contact us for a quote)

£6.79 for 50m inc. P&P UK only (overseas contact us for a quote)