Telemetry & Bell Mounts

Plectrum Style Tail Mounts

Large Black Plectrum Tail Mount

Large Black Plectrum Tail Mount

Made in the UK by Falconry Electronics, these telemetry tail mounts are light weight and robust. These mounts can be re-used after the bird has moulted and will last many years. You can also use them for attaching a tail bell to your bird, so they are versatile.
They come in two styles and two sizes of each style and in two colours, so plenty of choice!
But all the Same price
with FREE p&p (UK only)

Small Plectrum

Large Plectrum

Large Black Contour Tail Mount

Black Contour Tail Mounts

Small Contoured

Large Contoured sold out

If the colour is important, please include a message when you pay.

Crimp on Metal Tail Mounts

Metal Tail Mounts Brass telemetry

Metal Tail Mounts Brass

These crimps should be used with the Tail Mount Pliers.

Free P&P (UK only overseas contact us for a quote).
One brass £1.50

One black £1.50

Four Brass £5.00

Black Metal Tail Mount

Black Metal


Four Black £5.00

Two Brass & Two Black £5.00


10 Brass £11.00

Tail Mount Pliers

Tail Mount Pliers

Tail Mount Pliers

These pliers are designed to crimp a tail mount round the bird’s deck feather without damaging it, though care must be taken to ensure that you do not damage the shaft.

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If you have any questions or need help picking the correct mount, please contact us.