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Day Old Chicks

Chicks are an ideal basis for the Falcon’s diet, and are easily digestible, contain high amounts of soluble calcium, a good source of moisture and they are easy to portion control. Chicks are chilled as an integral process then boxed and blast frozen within hours of dispatch, it is the speed of process, which differentiate from other producers.

Bag of 50 £3.50
Box (approx. 200) £8.75
5 Boxes (approx. 1 000) £38.50
25 boxes (approx. 5 000) £180.00

raptor food


Quail are fed on vitamin E enriched diet developed in conjunction with leading animal nutritionists to increase the content of vitamin E available for use by your falcon. They are produced as either small or prime birds; small being 3-4 weeks and prime being 5-6 weeks. They are packed and blast frozen by the quickest methods. Our quail are supplied whole, complete with feather and internal organs, to provide the basis of a healthy casting and the maximum nutritional benefit to your falcon. Internal organs are an extremely important source of vitamins and minerals, for example the liver contains over 90% of the vitamin A content in the carcass as well as many other vitamins that evisceration would remove.

Prime Quail 6 kg box (25 – 37 birds approx.) £25.50
Small Prime Quail 6 kg box (42 – 75 birds per box approx.) £33.50
Ex-Layer Quail 6 kg box (25-37 birds approx.) £ 20.50
Plucked and Dressed Quail 6 kg box (50 – 75 birds per box approx.) £29.00



Plucked and Dressed Chicken

£1 each
Box of 25 £21.00


Supersedes all previous prices lists 29 November 2017

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prices effective from 29 November and are subject to change at any time.