Acme Whistles

Acme orange 210.5 & 211.5

orange 210.5 & 211.5

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Acme whistles have been used for generations and are trusted by dog trainers, falconers, police, referees and search and rescue organisations. They are accurate, tough and reliable.

211.5 Whistles

You can buy these whistles on there own or with a matching lanyard.

Acme 210 with pea

Acme 210.5 & 211.5

Black 211.5 £6.50

Black 211.5 & Black Safety Lanyard £8.50

Orange 211.5 £6.50

Orange 211.5 & Hi-Viz Orange Safety Lanyard £8.50

Shepherd’s Lip Whistle

Acme metal shepherd's lip whistle

Acme metal shepherd’s lip whistle

Nickle ‘Silver’ Metal Shepherd’s Lip Whistle made of metal. A favourite of shepherds and dog trainers for years! This whistle does take some prctice to perfect!
Instructions (from Acme) supplied.
Tag with a hole for attaching to a lanyard.
You can buy the whistle on its own or with a lanyard.

Shepherd’s Whistle and Safety Lanyard £7.95
with black lanyard

with green lanyard

with Hi-Viz orange lanyard

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