Dog Dummies

Real Rabbit Skin Dummy

Dummy Bunny

Real Rabbit Skin Dummy

to teach your dog to retrieve fur. This is a training aid to give confidence and should only be used under supervision. Please note that this is not a toy.
Colours will vary as these dummies are made from real fur and no two rabbits are the same!
1lb £13.75

Dummy Hare

the same as above only bigger. These are a 3lb dummy covered in rabbit skin for big dogs, or dogs with a big attitude!
3lb £22.00


Gun Dog Training Dummy

Gun Dog Training Dummy

1/2lb and 1lb Canvas Dog Training Dummies

are made from tough, durable, waterproof 12oz duck cotton canvas for longer lasting use and are filled to give the correct feel to the dog’s mouth. A plastic sealed interior helps prevent the dummies sinking when used in water. Fitted with a throwing toggle. Colours vary.
1/2lb £4.00

1lb £5.00

Puppy Training Dummy

Puppy Dummy

Puppy Dummy

the starter dummy to train pups, but please note that this is not a toy and should only be used under supervision. No throwing toggle.


Hare or Goose Dummy

a large heavy dummy made in 2 separate sections, with a soft infill to teach your dog to retrieve awkward or heavy prey. Colour green. No toggle.


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