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Wedding Ring Delivery by Red Tail Hawk

Red Tail Hawk at a Wedding

Rhuallan Raptors offer a range of packages to entertain you and your guests at weddings and many other events. We are happy to talk through any ideas you may have and work out what is the best for you and your venue. Call us on 01899 308641, or  email George with your details and ideas.


Ideas for Events

Owl Ring Delivery wedings events falconry

Barn Owl

We can provide a flying display where you can watch these birds doing what is natural – and show off at the same time!  Or we can take this a stage further and offer a static* display of birds of prey where your guests can see these amazing animals up close and learn something new! We give an informal talk where they can learn where some everyday phrases originate.

Click here for our current Wedding Packages prices, and click here for our current Events Packages prices. Please be aware that these can change at anytime, but the price quoted when you book will be the price you pay despite any further increase

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*static displays are only offered along side flying displays.